How to play Shiptoaster

The purpose of the Shiptoaster game is to collect the most Shiptoasts

What is a shiptoast, you may ask?

A shiptoast is a tasty reward for making the best reply to a posted text or image. Of course, the best kind of toast is a shiptoast.


A shiptoaster game consists of one or more rounds of Shiptoasters responding to the post of another Shiptoaster. Each response is scored by the other players, by awarding up to 4 shiptoasts per reply.

At the end of a game, the player with the most total shiptoasts wins

Joining a Game

To join a game, receive a game join code, enter it on the main page and click Join Game. You must also choose a unique avatar. You must create a unique game username before you can join the game. Those who join a game can join as either a SHiptoaster or a 'Tator.

  • Shiptoaster - An active game player who posts Shiptoasts, replies to Shiptoasts, scores replies and can join game chat.
  • Owner - The Shiptoaster who creates a game, adjusts game settings, controls the pace of the game, and moderates game chat and players.
  • 'Tator - A passive game spectator who can join game chat.

Creating a Game

If you want to create a game, click Create Game on the main page. You must also choose a unique avatar. You must create a unique game username before you can join the game.

On the game creation page, you can adjust game settings or simply click the Start Game button. Hover over the game settings to understand what they do.

Before clicking the Start Game button, you should prepare your invitations for the other Shiptoasters as a group text message and notify them immediately after starting your new game

How a Game Begins

Once a game is created and started, the game creator joins the game and waits for others to join using their Join code. As Shiptoasters Join a game, their avatar appears on the play field, they are listed in the Shiptoasters/'Tators list, and a notice is displayed in the game chat (if enabled). The game creator can see a game join countdown timer displayed and cause pause/resume the countdown at any time. The game owner can also boot players by clicking on the Shiptoasters/'Tators list. If chat is enabled, a game owner can also warn and mute/unmute a player from that list.

Making Posts

When all invited Shiptoasters have joined or a join timeout event occurs, the game creator will be prompted to post, and a Shiptoaster Posting countdown timer will begin, while identifying who's turn it is to post.

Posting currently must be in the form of a text message. If the Shiptoaster Posting countdown timer elapses, a new Shiptoaster will be prompted to post.

Replying to Posts

Once the designated Shiptoaster posts, all Shiptoasters will be notified and the non-posting Shiptoasters will be prompted to reply to the post using an image and/or text, and a Shiptoasters Replying countdown timer will be displayed.

Scoring Replies

When the Shiptoasters Replying countdown timer elapses, or when all non-posting Shiptoasters have replied to a post, all Shiptoasters will be prompted to score the replies, and a Shiptoasters Scoring countdown timer will appear.

Tallying Scores

When the Shiptoasters Scoring countdown timer elapses, or when all non-posting Shiptoasters have scored all replies, all Shiptoasters will be presented with the Score Tally.

When the scores are tallied, the Shiptoaster with the most shiptoasts for the round is displayed to all Shiptoasters.

If there are more rounds to play, the next Shiptoaster in sequence will be prompted to post. If that was the final round of the game, all Shiptoasters are notified of which Shiptoaster earned the most shiptoasts for the game. The Shiptoasters will then be prompted to start a new game.

Using Chat

If chat is enabled, you can see which players join or leave via chat notices. You can create a chat message from the chat entry field at the bottom of the chat list. You can emoji chats and notices by selecting a chat or notice, then selecting an emoji. The total emoji reaction count is also displayed for each emojied chat.